Monthly Newsletter: Month 28

Dear Caleb,

 This isn’t going to be the usual newsletter format per se, so bear with me here.  This past month you’ve started becoming more and more vocal.  Mom and I love to hear your little voice.  Your very good at asking for “andy peese” and the accompanying signs that go along with it.  Your vowel sounds are getting alot better too.  Unfortunately you’ve also found another part of your voice… the one a bit higher up in octave (ok alot higher).  Instead of your “no’s” with the accompanying head shake we now have ear piercing shreiks.  We know that this is just a phase but we hope its a short one.

 Well with alot of help from Grandpa the fence is done.  You were always really keen to help Grandpa and I during its construction… even if you were only running off with our hammers.  At least now you can play in the backyard and we don’t have to worry about you falling off the rock wall into the neighbours yard.  We also don’t have to worry about the neighbour kids falling into our yard (or jumping down, throwing their toys at you, etc, etc).

Sorry about the lack of pictures this month.  I found myself holding a hammer and tape more than the camera.


Love Dad

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