“Four” People in May

So, this four people project is supposed to consist of a photo each month of four of us.  You would think with an average of 30 days in a month, that it wouldn’t be so darn hard to get four of us in front of the lens.  Wrong.  It. is. so. very. difficult.  So may I present our four people photo for May…

Four...okay three people... in May

Why are there only three?  Well, this was taken on Mother’s day.  My wish was to get a nice photo of me and my boys. Check. Family photo was a no go.  The neighbours cat was distracting Liam and Caleb was being a goof.  By the time we tried to get set up with a tripod it was too late.  We should have asked the new neighbours. I mentioned this to the missing member of our photo – he declined.  So by default he is not in our monthly photo.

May highlights:
Caleb played a munchkin in his school’s production of Wizard of Oz.
We celebrated Mother’s Day
Liam had his first taste of Beacon Drive-in ice cream
We started to clean up he garden – including watering the new flowers and tomatoes that were given as mother’s day gifts
Caleb befriended our new neighbour (although we still miss the Toveys)
Liam and Caleb both love chalk, running to the mailbox and chasing bubbles
Ally started taking antidepressants for PPD

May was so much better than April…medication helps!

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