He’s in Kindergarten!

Our little Squishy has reached a HUGE milestone… he’s in Kindergarten.  I cried.  He waved and sat down at circle with the others – happy and excited.  My kindergarten boy – wow!

I love you Caleb – and I’m so proud of you.

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2 Responses to He’s in Kindergarten!

  1. Karen Louie says:

    Wow Caleb, can’t believe your in school, I remember holding you for the first time, you were so small and cute and cuddly, now your in school and your big and cute and cuddly. Way to go Caleb! Grandma Doc is so proud of you. xoxox love u

  2. Aunty Melissa says:

    awwww Caleb-pie hope you are enjoying Kindergarten and making lots of new girlfriends!!!! XO

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