Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 4

Dear Liam,

You are now four months old, and what some of the baby books refer to as the beginnings of an “older baby.”  You definately have grown. Last week you weighed in at 15 pounds 4 ounces and your length is 25 and a half inches!  You are outgrowing clothes like crazy! And this month you were big enough to try out the baby swing at the park. You love it, and now you get to “play” at the park like your big brother.

You are now on the move.  You can roll very easily from tummy to back and back to tummy.  One day last week I saw you do a continuous roll.  You pivot around on your tummy and wiggle yourself around.  You dig your toes into the carpet and can actually crawl backwards in small increments.  I think we will be putting the babygates up soon.  You are also learning to sit, and love to be in this position, even though it makes you spit-up alot!

You have a very definately personality now.  You know what you like and you demand to have it!  You have a cute protest cry, as well as a loud protest wail.  You also have a delightful giggle and you smile willingly all the time.  You love to talk and I have said that you are going to out-talk Caleb one day.  (And Caleb out-talks everyone!)

At the start of the month you discovered your hands and your thumb.  You suck and chew on them all the time.  Actually, you suck on anything you can pick up and put on your mouth.  This includes your shirts, and blankets.  I think you are going to be a blanket boy. 

Recently you have also discovered you toes.  And you still love to look at yourself in the mirror.

You have grown-up physically and cognitively so much this month.  It has been a huge milestone month and such fun to watch.


PS  I love that “The Little Green Frog” has become your favorite song and “Barnyard Dance” is your favorite book!

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