13 Months and counting…

Dear Caleb,

You are now just over 13 months old, and you are totally on the go! I didn’t get a chance to write a monthly newsletter on the third, or get an eeyore picture, because we were away in Whistler (which you absolutely loved!)
Whistler kid

One of the hardest things happend this last month – I went back to work! You took it much better than I did and you have lots of fun with your Great-grandparents Wong and your Grandma Ell. Unfortunately this means we have limited time together… but it is fun time! We spent a Saturday on Salt Spring Island, we have been going out to the park and for special little trips for ice cream, and of course have fun spending time together as a family.

You have become quite the climber lately. You love stairs. And even though we don’t have any… you somehow find a way to climb up on everything. The other day while I was out, daddy turned his back for a minute and then found you standing on the toilet in the bathroom dumping the contents of my make-up bag.
stair master The climber

You really are into everything! Whenever we are cooking in the kitchen and open up the fridge, you somehow get inside the fridge within five seconds- even if you were two rooms away!
Searching for my snack!

You also have a fascination for noses, mouths and ears. As you fall asleep you love to tug on ears. And you love to point at noses. In fact you love to point at everything. You have become so aware of your world and want to know what everything is. You always point and seem to ask “What’s that?” with your eyes.

You also have a few words now. You can say “daddy”, “mom”, “mah” (more) “dat” (that), “ah da” (all done) and “nana” – which means banana, now or no. And sometimes you also say “tay coo” (thank you)! Your favorite sign continues to be “all done”. You are very good at using that when you don’t want to eat any more!

Speaking of eating, you are becoming very independant and adventurous. You still have your fussy picky eater days. But we can now take you out to resturants and order something for you off the menu. And you are learning to use a spoon – but fingers still seem to work best for you!
mmmm...yogurt Yogurt - the aftermath!

Your other big acomplishment recently, is your ability to stand independently. You can stand for longer periods of time, and even wiggle your hips and bend at the waist. You have gained great balance, but still need to build your confidence for walking. The last few days you have taken a few steps towards me, and towards a cup of ice cream! Somehow, I think I might be writing soon about your adventures in walking!

I love you little trouble maker! Thanks for loving me right back! And even though we have some mornings that are difficult and you cling to me and cry when I am leaving, my sadness is lessened with the thoughts that I am loved by you so very much!
I love trouble! Biker boy


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