Monthly Letter: Month 4

Dear Caleb,

You are now 4 months old! Holy smokes, when did that happen? You are now 25 inches long and weigh 14 pounds, 12 ounces. We love you more and more everyday. And everyday up to now you have surprised us with your emerging skills. And although we miss our tiny little newborn baby, we love your wonderfully cute personality.

This has been a very busy month for you. You outgrew your bassinet, and we moved you to your big bed. Not only did you move to your crib, but you also moved into your own room (becuase the crib doesn’t fit in our bedroom). I was so sad to see you go, I’ve even spent a few nights sleeping on your bedroom floor! You seem to love your crib. Especially having tummy time in there. Now we just have to work on having you fall asleep in there, and stay asleep in there, so that I don’t have to get up and cuddle you every few hours during the night. (Secretly I love our special cuddle times at night – but four times is a bit much!)

You have also made some big gains in motor development. You still love your tummy time. In fact in our various baby groups you are quite famous for how well you hold your head up. You can push up on your hands now, and lift your chest off the ground. I’m sure if you could figure out how to pick your tummy up you would have crawled away by now. You also like to play airplane – where you lift your head, but flail your arms and legs up and down. (Your grandpa calls it swimming!)

You are still rolling over from tummy to back. Sometimes you go days without doing it, and then another day you keep flipping yourself, like you are determined to get off your floor blanket. You also manage to wiggle your self around. Sometimes we find you sideways in your crib. You are very determined to move and to sit up. In fact, we introduced you to your exersaucer and highchair, and you love them both. In your exersaucer you can turn yourself around, and are constantly “walking” in circles. And you love being part of the big table in your highchair, and being part of “cooking with mommy” time.

Last week, you watched us eating dinner so keenly, we gave you a few spoonfuls of water. You were unsure at first, then seemed to really like it. You also like to play with that spoon. I have a feeling you’ll do great with solid foods in a few months.

You are now also capable of holding on to objects. These days everything you hold onto also goes in your mouth. In fact, even items you can’t pick up manage to make it’s way into your drool path. We are starting to call you Mr. Droolyface. You have also figured out how to suck on your thumb again.

Along with discovering your hands and feet (you love toes and keep trying to get your shoes off), you’ve also discoverd your voice. You babble and goo all the time. You also have the most adorable laugh. Everyone who hears it is instantly charmed! You love to have us sing you silly songs, and play peek a boo and tickle games with you to make you giggle.

You also love being massaged. We have joined a baby massage class. Your favorite time in the morning is getting your daily massage, and having your naked time on your tummy. Sometimes you get so relaxed you pee on mommy!

Your other favorite times of day are any moments involving face to face contact. It can be talking and singing with us, playing in our laps of having cuddles. You definately know your mommy and daddy, and love us back.

Happy four months Caleb, Squishy, Gooey, Mr. Droolyface, Mr. Wiggleworth…

… for every nickname we give you, we give you a million times more love.



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