Little Baby…Big Crib!

For the last four nights, Caleb has slept in his crib!

We are excited, but also a little sad. He has slept within reaching distance of me since he was born, not to mention the 9 months in the womb… and now he seems so far away sleeping in his crib in his own room.

But it was a move we had to make- Caleb was getting cramped in the bassinet, and his legs would end up banging on the edge and over the top. Unfortunately this means he can’t snuggle up the way he used to into the side of the bassinet… so now he sleeps spread eagle in his crib. Not being all snuggled up also means Caleb has had to learn how to get himself back to sleep when he startles and his limbs flail out. It’s been a learning experience for all of us!

But he is doing wonderful. It’s been harder for mommy than for baby.

I sure do miss you beside me little Squishy! But I love you lots for what you have accomplished!

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