2 1/2 weeks to go…

… will it ever end??

It is fantastic to be off from work, and to be able to put my feet up and nap whenever I want. Except for the fact that I am nesting badly – I’ve been cleaning everything, organizing stuff and trying to get the house in order.

The only other downer, aside from the uncomfortable big belly, is also my wrist. I fell a few weeks ago at work and I was more concerned about the baby, than the rest of me. With all the swelling that was going on, I didn’t notice the pain in my wrist. However, the last few days it has gotten worse. I am faced with the decision of going for x-rays… or just living with the pain until after the baby arrives.

All of which is why… 2 1/2 weeks seems like a very long time! Come on Squishy!!

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