Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 11

Dear Liam,

Welcome to the last month of babyhood. It’s hard to believe in one short month you will be a year old.  You are now are now 20.4 lbs, and have six teeth, and it looks like seven and eight are on their way.

This month you learned to let go while standing.  You will stand for longer and longer periods of time.  You also learned to get up from the middle of the floor.  You know how to squat down and stand back up too.  You are very proud of these new skills and you will look around and wait for the applause.

Speaking of applause, you learned how to clap a few weeks ago.  You can work a room and make everyone clap with you.  You also learned to wave bye, and give a high 5… although you seem to reserve those for a select few.  Sometimes you sign more.  You are very good at shaking your head no, and you are still saying “up” and “mama?mom” – although not as much as the month before.

You have started to somewhat like drinking milk from a sippy cup.  Slowly we are weaning off nursing in anticipation of my return to work in a few weeks.  It makes me sad, but also slightly relieved.  You like to bite down -hard, as well as pinching and pulling.  I have almost weaned you off due to the sure torture you inflict on my boobs!

You have become very independent with eating and prefer finger foods more and more.  Some meals you refuse to be spoon fed.  Tonight you insisted on eating your spaghetti (tomato sauce, squash and all) with your fingers.

You are also growing more independent with play.  After dinner you love to crawl up the stairs and cruise around the playroom and play with all the toys.  You keep yourself very busy.  You are also starting to “play” more outside too.  You have inherited your brothers old tricycle and you can use your legs to push yourself.  Caleb “rescued” you from going down the hill into the trees.

But the biggest thrill was today.  I left you with Great-grandma, to practice for when I go back to work.  Five hours later when daddy and I returned to pick you up, you got excited and you ran five steps independently from daddy to me!  Yay!  We are so thrilled that we were both there to witness those first steps.  I have a feeling that you are going to be walking around everwhere at your first birthday party.

I love you little boy.  You will always be my sweet baby bean.
Love always,

xxxxxx ooooo

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Four People in February


It’s a goofy picture… but it’s us!  Caleb has been totally silly when it comes to taking photos, and either tries to hog the camera with goofy faces, or hide from the camera.  Liam just tries to steal the camera and usually goes in for an extreme close-up.

February brought forth Chinese New Year – and the year of the rabbit.  We took a walk around Chinatown, so that I could take photos for my photography class.  February also brought about Valentine’s day which Caleb loves.  He got lots of little notes and treats from school. But the best Valentine’s gift was when Liam started to say Mama.  This is one of his first words, and he planned it perfectly, saying it in earnest on February 13, so that he was able to say it on cue on the 14th.

February also brought snow, snow and more snow.  It was enough to close the school down (snow day!), and enough for sledding and snow forts.  We enjoyed the fluffy white stuff on and off for over a week. Liam was unsure, Caleb loved it, and Adam and I are jsut glad that we are no longer shoveling the driveway!



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Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 10

Dear Liam,

Happy 10 months! It’s hard to believe you are already so close to celebrating your first birthday.  You now weight 20.5 pounds, and your height… well that’s questionable, because you won’t stay still long enough for me to measure you.

You are constantly on the go… following your brother, climbing, opening cupboards, pulling items out of drawers, dumping things off your highchair tray.  You routinely sit on your knees so that you can take off quickly!

Your language has also taken off.  You shake your head no, wave (sometimes), blow kisses (on your own terms), say “uh-oh”, “upa” and “MAMA” and “MOM”!  I love that you can call my name! The day before your first Valentine’s day you started to say “mama”, and you looked at me and just kept repeating it, over and over.  I could see your little brain working as you realized I was mama and you could say my name and we understood you.  Thank you for giving me the BEST Valentine gift ever.

Your little personality is so much fun.  You love to explore and to play games, like peek a boo and chase.  You are constantly laughing and telling stories.  You have also developed a fondness for books.  Of course, you still love grabbing for things you shouldn’t have – like momma’s camera!

You are still a big eater and have tasted so many foods.  You are in love with grapes and blueberries.  You also have a fondness for french fries and cookies (oops!)

Thank you for also napping better.  You know accept the idea that it is okay to nap in your crib! YAY!  Your father and brother also thank you for this.

It has been a very big month for you.  I am so proud of all your accomplishments.  I love that you are so happy, that you nap in your crib (and sleep well at night), and I love, love, love that “mama” is one of your first real words.

I love you always,

xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

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Four People in January

Welcome to the first of our “Four People” monthly updates.  One of my goals for 2011 is to provided better memories of our family together.  So each month we will be aiming for a decent family photo, with a recap of the month to go along with it. (I am also trying to do weekly photos with some journaling to go along with it… but my project 52 is another post entirely!)


January was a nice reprieve after the busy holidays and events of December. Although the holidays and extra family time was fun, it was good to get back into routine, with Adam at work, Caleb at school and daily events returning to order.  This month was full of birthday celebrations, pajama weekends and family movie nights. Caleb enjoyed seeing all his friends again and his social calendar has been full. Caleb had a special date with mom to see his favorite Treehouse characters, Toopy and Binoo.  Liam has been getting his groove on, and enjoys dancing to music, and playing with his peers at Momma Goose.  He loves getting into Caleb’s room and causing all kinds of trouble!  We all enjoyed some cold sunny days, and I was able to get more practice with the camera, doing some assignments for my photography class.  It was a good month, full of family, friends and some fabulous salty sweet cookies!


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Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 9

Dear Liam,

I can’t believe you are now 9 months old. You have been on the outside for as long as you were on the inside- plus or minus a few extra days! But no matter where you are, you always carry a piece if my heart. You are almost 18 pounds and 27.5 inches.  And you are busy!

This month you have really started pulling up to a stand and cruising furniture with confidence. You will push things and walk, and you have been trying to climb.

You have started screaming when you can’t get what you want. Your little temper tantrums are nor so cute. You have also started to physically fight with your brother. You push at him, pull his hair and hit him. He’s been very patient with you, but I am waiting to see which if you gets the first black eye! Despite the fights, Caleb is still your favorite person. Every morning your face lights up when you see him. You follow him around and live to play with him. It’s so sad when he has friend over and you are excluded on the other side of the closed door.

You have made your own little circle of friends and seem to enjoy being with others more. You still prefer to stay by my side in unknown places, but you are slowly getting more independent.

This month we introduced you to dairy and you love cheese and yogurt. You also like to feed yourself! You love water too and are very good with your sippy cups.

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four and you were very unsure. You liked the toys, just not all the business of the season. You are very much like your dad!

Christmas was also a time for learning to sleep. I stopped nursing you in the middle of the night and with daddy’s help you learned to sleep longer without eating. So you now officially sleep through the night. You still have an early morning feeding, but will typically sleep an 8 hour stretch! Yay! Now we just have to work on napping IN YOUR CRIB!

You have grown up so very quickly these last nine months. It’s hard to believe we will be celebrating your birthday soon. Thank you for making me smile everyday! You light up my life little bean!


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Happy Holidays!

Lots of holiday hugs, love Squishy, Bean and Ally & Adam!

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Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 8

Dear Liam,

The last month has flown by in a whirlwind! It’s hard to believe the first 3/4 of your first year are done.  You are now 8 months old, 18.5 pounds, and definate about what you want and don’t want.

You have become very clingy with me whenever we leave the house, and at times you don’t even want to go to daddy.  People comment on how serious you always look.  But I know the truth, and I know how giggly you can be.  Your clinginess and stranger awareness has come at a bad time, however.  It is the holiday season, and as eager as your brother is to jump up on Santa’s lap, you are not. In fact you screamed in terror and I had to nurse you to calm you down from the Santa visit.

You have recently gotten your top two teeth and as a result you have started grinding your teeth.  It is a horrible sound and a bad habit that I hope you will stop SOON! You also have a bad habit of biting me when I nurse you.  I have yelled and given you nasty looks.  But I melt into your cuteness as soon as I look into those brown eyes of yours, and usually forgive you pretty fast. This has to stop NOW!!!

I am really looking forward to your first Christmas and all the magic and wonder that will fill your eyes and your heart.  You love to gaze at the tree and all the lights.  You have fit into our traditions nicely, and have made this holiday season feel extra special.

I love you little one. Even though my arms are tired, I love that you choose me to be the one you want, and that it’s my shoulder you snuggle against.  You are growing up so fast, I am afraid for the day, your head will no longer be snuggled next to my heart.


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