Four People in April… catching up

Four people in April

What happened in April:

Ally’s 33rd birthday
Ally goes back to work
Liam’s first birthday
Liam starts walking
Liam’s first anitbiotics…second antibiotics… two allergic reactions and one trip to the ER.
Caleb goes on several school community fieldtrips – and doesn’t get put in jail with the bad guys at the RCMP detachment (which cause so much anxiety that he almost missed his class trip)

Adam’s grandma also passed away after battling cancer and dementia for several years. We will miss her very much.

April kind of sucked… really, truly sucked.  Which is probably why my four people project stalled for so long.  The stress took over from the highlights, and it made this month uncomfortable, sad, stressful and it really just plain sucked.

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