Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 12…Happy Birthday!

Dear Liam,

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby boy! It is hard to believe that a year has passed and you are already one. It’s been such an adventure for all of us.

This past month you have been gearing up for growing up.  Mommy went back to work and that has been a hard adjustment for all of us… mostly me.  You have coped very well.  The first few days were the hardest, but you managed.  In fact on one of my first days leaving you for 5 hours, you were so excited when picked you up that you ran five steps to get to me.  You are getting so close to walking independently.  You still prefer to crawl, but you can cruise the perimeter of a room just holding on to furniture and walls.  You stand up independently all the time and will take a step or two.

This month you have been quite sick.  Maybe you picked up germs for all the extra outings we squished in – to the park and Tumblebums.  You have had constant runny noses and fevers.  We found out the hard way that you are allergic to some medications.  I apologize that today was spent running in and out of the doctor’s office and at the pharmacy.  It was not the fun day that I had planned.  And unfortunately the Benedryl you had tonight to combat the drug allergy has made you a little dopey.  What a way to have a family party!

This first year of your life was definitely a rough go at times.  You have battled gastro-reflux, terrible cradle cap, bad eczema, having to nap around your brother’s schedule, being exposed to every germ at the elementary school, and the dangers of having a big brother that loves you a little too much at times.  We have had some bad sleepless nights, and cranky days together.


But throughout it all, your charming smile and infectious giggle, along with your driving independence and ability to observe and learn, have kept me totally in love with you.  You have made our family so much greater than it was.  I love you so much.

Happy birthday Liam Bean!

Love always,

{12 month stats: 20lbs; can reach the top drawers; can say: mama/mom, dada, baba (brother), uh-oh, uh-huh, uh-uh (no); can sigh: more, milk, and bye; waves bye and points a things; claps hands and imitates with objects; blows kisses; crawls super fast; stands-up; goes up and down stairs; feeds self; drinks milk from a sippy cup; still nursing; 7 teeth; 2 haircuts; loves Elmo and Katy Parry!}

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