Four People in February


It’s a goofy picture… but it’s us!  Caleb has been totally silly when it comes to taking photos, and either tries to hog the camera with goofy faces, or hide from the camera.  Liam just tries to steal the camera and usually goes in for an extreme close-up.

February brought forth Chinese New Year – and the year of the rabbit.  We took a walk around Chinatown, so that I could take photos for my photography class.  February also brought about Valentine’s day which Caleb loves.  He got lots of little notes and treats from school. But the best Valentine’s gift was when Liam started to say Mama.  This is one of his first words, and he planned it perfectly, saying it in earnest on February 13, so that he was able to say it on cue on the 14th.

February also brought snow, snow and more snow.  It was enough to close the school down (snow day!), and enough for sledding and snow forts.  We enjoyed the fluffy white stuff on and off for over a week. Liam was unsure, Caleb loved it, and Adam and I are jsut glad that we are no longer shoveling the driveway!



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