Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 10

Dear Liam,

Happy 10 months! It’s hard to believe you are already so close to celebrating your first birthday.  You now weight 20.5 pounds, and your height… well that’s questionable, because you won’t stay still long enough for me to measure you.

You are constantly on the go… following your brother, climbing, opening cupboards, pulling items out of drawers, dumping things off your highchair tray.  You routinely sit on your knees so that you can take off quickly!

Your language has also taken off.  You shake your head no, wave (sometimes), blow kisses (on your own terms), say “uh-oh”, “upa” and “MAMA” and “MOM”!  I love that you can call my name! The day before your first Valentine’s day you started to say “mama”, and you looked at me and just kept repeating it, over and over.  I could see your little brain working as you realized I was mama and you could say my name and we understood you.  Thank you for giving me the BEST Valentine gift ever.

Your little personality is so much fun.  You love to explore and to play games, like peek a boo and chase.  You are constantly laughing and telling stories.  You have also developed a fondness for books.  Of course, you still love grabbing for things you shouldn’t have – like momma’s camera!

You are still a big eater and have tasted so many foods.  You are in love with grapes and blueberries.  You also have a fondness for french fries and cookies (oops!)

Thank you for also napping better.  You know accept the idea that it is okay to nap in your crib! YAY!  Your father and brother also thank you for this.

It has been a very big month for you.  I am so proud of all your accomplishments.  I love that you are so happy, that you nap in your crib (and sleep well at night), and I love, love, love that “mama” is one of your first real words.

I love you always,

xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

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