Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 9

Dear Liam,

I can’t believe you are now 9 months old. You have been on the outside for as long as you were on the inside- plus or minus a few extra days! But no matter where you are, you always carry a piece if my heart. You are almost 18 pounds and 27.5 inches.  And you are busy!

This month you have really started pulling up to a stand and cruising furniture with confidence. You will push things and walk, and you have been trying to climb.

You have started screaming when you can’t get what you want. Your little temper tantrums are nor so cute. You have also started to physically fight with your brother. You push at him, pull his hair and hit him. He’s been very patient with you, but I am waiting to see which if you gets the first black eye! Despite the fights, Caleb is still your favorite person. Every morning your face lights up when you see him. You follow him around and live to play with him. It’s so sad when he has friend over and you are excluded on the other side of the closed door.

You have made your own little circle of friends and seem to enjoy being with others more. You still prefer to stay by my side in unknown places, but you are slowly getting more independent.

This month we introduced you to dairy and you love cheese and yogurt. You also like to feed yourself! You love water too and are very good with your sippy cups.

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four and you were very unsure. You liked the toys, just not all the business of the season. You are very much like your dad!

Christmas was also a time for learning to sleep. I stopped nursing you in the middle of the night and with daddy’s help you learned to sleep longer without eating. So you now officially sleep through the night. You still have an early morning feeding, but will typically sleep an 8 hour stretch! Yay! Now we just have to work on napping IN YOUR CRIB!

You have grown up so very quickly these last nine months. It’s hard to believe we will be celebrating your birthday soon. Thank you for making me smile everyday! You light up my life little bean!


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