Monthly Newsletter: Liam, month 8

Dear Liam,

The last month has flown by in a whirlwind! It’s hard to believe the first 3/4 of your first year are done.  You are now 8 months old, 18.5 pounds, and definate about what you want and don’t want.

You have become very clingy with me whenever we leave the house, and at times you don’t even want to go to daddy.  People comment on how serious you always look.  But I know the truth, and I know how giggly you can be.  Your clinginess and stranger awareness has come at a bad time, however.  It is the holiday season, and as eager as your brother is to jump up on Santa’s lap, you are not. In fact you screamed in terror and I had to nurse you to calm you down from the Santa visit.

You have recently gotten your top two teeth and as a result you have started grinding your teeth.  It is a horrible sound and a bad habit that I hope you will stop SOON! You also have a bad habit of biting me when I nurse you.  I have yelled and given you nasty looks.  But I melt into your cuteness as soon as I look into those brown eyes of yours, and usually forgive you pretty fast. This has to stop NOW!!!

I am really looking forward to your first Christmas and all the magic and wonder that will fill your eyes and your heart.  You love to gaze at the tree and all the lights.  You have fit into our traditions nicely, and have made this holiday season feel extra special.

I love you little one. Even though my arms are tired, I love that you choose me to be the one you want, and that it’s my shoulder you snuggle against.  You are growing up so fast, I am afraid for the day, your head will no longer be snuggled next to my heart.


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