Monthly Newsletter: Liam, Month 7

Dear Liam Lamb,

You are 7 months old, 18 pounds and the busiest baby I have ever seen! 

You have had an incredible month of growth and discovery.  I would blink and you would check another milestone off the list.  You are sitting well, crawling – hands and knees and FAST, and you are pulling to stand and trying walk along the furniture.  You truely are superbaby!

You love to eat, and we are constantly giving you new foods to try.  You love to feed yourself, and will yell at me if there is nothng on your highchair try.  You love cucumbers, toast and melon.  There are some days I can’t spoon the fruit and veggies into your mouth fast enough!

You have found your voice and love to yell.  You say “mommmmm” when you are mad.  Sometimes it sounds like you are saying “hi” and “yah”.  You are definately a social baby.  You love being with your brother and you try to sneak into his room and into his things every chance you can get.

You got experience your first Halloween and your first snow… Halloween you tolerated, snow – not so much!

You are at a very fun age, and you are keeping me on my toes.  My only wish now, is that you learn to nap in your crib! And that time can move a little bit slower… you are growing up way too quick!

I love you little man!

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