Monthly Newsletter: Liam, Month 6

Dear Liam,

You are six months old ~ officially half a year!  Time has gone by so quickly… I swear you should only be six weeks old. 

You have one and a half teeth – and they are sharp!  You are now just over 17 pounds.  They say babies double their birth weight at 6 months, but I am so glad you have only doubled your weight from the day we came home from the hospital. You love to nurse, and you love to eat.  We started you on solid foods this month.  The first night I gave you rice cereal you cried for more.  You love pears and carrots.  If you could, you would feed yourself all the time!

You are definately using up all the calories you are taking in.  You have mastered the commando-crawl, using your arms and sometimes your feet to propel yourself forward.  You also get up on your hands and knees, but usually fustrate yourself by going backwards.  I have no doubt that you will be hands and knees crawling by the end of the month.  You are also an excellent sitter.  I can leave you sitting on the floor with toys and you hold your balance very well.  People are amazed that you have these skills at such a young age – your parents included!

Your biggest motivating factor, is your brother.  You love Caleb.  You are always trying to follow him, and love to grab his face and kiss him.  When he goes to kindergarten, you often look around the playroom searching for him.  And when he is home and he says hello to you, your little face lights up.  He’s definately your favorite person (aside from mommy, of course!)  I am so glad you boys have this great relationship.  I hope that you will always like each other.  I know you will love each other, but liking each other and being friends is important too.  I hope you will always make each other smile.

My other hope, is that you will one day learn to nap in your bed.  You still battle naps, and prefer to nap on the go, or in my arms.  You will scream forever in your crib at naptime – and that is not how I like to spend our time when Caleb is at school.  But, I can’t complain too much, as your nighttime sleep has greatly improved.  You still wake once or twice a night, but you have had nights where you sleep through from 11pm to 6am.  And often your wake-ups occur before I have gone to bed, or just as dad is getting up for work.  I love our bedtime routine, and I’m so happy you can put yourself to sleep at night.

You have learned to use your voice.  You have what I call the “angry voice” when you yell because you dropped a toy, your brother took something away, or you can’t reach what you want.  You also like to babble and talk to your toys.  You love playing with Caleb’s keyboard.  You also love to take things in and out of boxes!

We are so happy to have you in our lives.  You have us all wrapped around your chubby little fingers.  We love you, and love watching you grow-up.  Now, please slow down… I’m so afraid I am going to blink and the next six months will be gone!

I love you always,

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