Monthly Newsletter: Liam, Month 3

Dear Liam,

It’s hard to believe you have now had an entire trimester on the outside.  You have grown so much!  Already you are over 14 pounds and almost 2 feet tall.  You also have the most adorable chubby thighs and a belly I love to kiss!

You are just starting to get your giggle and you sound like Caleb when you laugh out loud.  I can’t wait to watch the two of you play.  Caleb tries so hard to make you smile and laugh now.

You are really wanting to move now.  You roll from your tummy to your back and your back to your side.  If I offer a little support you can get from your side to your tummy.  You wiggle and pivot and can get yourself completely off your blanket or parallel positions from where you originally started.

You love to chat!  You are constantly making vocalizations, gooing, mmming and I swear when you are mad you yell: mommommomm!  You also love to suck in your bottom lip and imitate us chewing.

You are reaching and trying to grab at things. I have lost a lot of hair to your little fists.  When you get a hold of your toys they go straight into your mouth.  You drool as much as you spit-up now, and always have a recieving blanket with you.  Because of this, I think you are going to be a blanket boy.  You love to snuggle a blanket next to your face.

Sleep is still a challenge… but I know one day you will be too big for me to hold and snuggle, so for now I am dealing with it, and am glad that you tolerate my daily cup of coffee.  Regardless of my tiredness, I love you little Liam Bean!


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