Monthly Newsletter: Liam, Month 2

(Originally written June 21, 2010)

Dear Liam,

It’s hard to believe you have been with us for two months.  It feels like you have always been part of our family.  You are definitely working hard to keep up with your brother.  You now weigh about 13lbs and you are almost 23 inches long. 

This morning you rolled over from tummy to back three times – the last time I even got on video!  You love to play on the floor, and enjoy your tummy time.  You have amazing neck strength and can lift your head so very high!

This month you have also discovered your hands.  You love to suck on your fists and play with your fingers.  You are reaching for things and grabbing at toys.  You are such an active little guy. 

You smile at everyone now.  I love when you wake up with a smile on your face.  You are such a social little person!  One of the favourite games we play is dance party.  You and I join Caleb in his bedroom and we dance to music.  You love to watch your brother and you kick your legs and grin.  Bathtime also makes you smile.  You love your bath now, and cry when we take you out.  You also started having a few baths with your brother.  You both love this.

Thanks for making me smile so much little one!  I love you.

xo xo

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