Monthly (…yearly) Newsletter: Caleb, Month 60 (5 years)

Originally written on June 3, 2010…

Dear Caleb,

You are five!  FIVE!  I can’t believe my little squishy is now almost in Kindergarten.  You have grown up so fast before my eyes.  You are Mr. Independent, Mr. Bossy, Mr. Attitude, Mr. Big Brother, Mr. Caring!  And I love you for all of it.

Yes you are now a big brother, and you fill the role well.  You love kissing, hugging and talking to your brother.  I especially love hearing the conversations you have with him.  In the car you explain to him why I stop at red lights, and tell him the directions to preschool.  When you are playing you explain to him the proper way to build your Lego City.

Oh yes, the Lego.  Lego has taken over your life.  You love Lego – and you are good at building with it.  I admit I hate the fact that it is everywhere and stepping on it hurts.  But it is so wonderful to watch you play and use your imagination.  You set up scenarios and have lots of little scenes that you act out.  Of course you are still being spoiled by your grandparents and aunts and uncles, so you own every Lego set there is.

You are so independent now.  You can (mostly) dress yourself, get yourself snacks, do up and undo your seat belt, and ride a bike with training wheels.  Your speech is incredible.  Although you still have some grammatical errors, for the most part, people understand you.  When I think of how far you have come in your journey with Apraxia I want to cry.  You could be the poster child for CASLPA.  You are also so much more willing to challenge yourself physically.  The treatment blocks you spent in the PT gym have given you the confidence to try and try again.  This has been such a big change since last year.  You tackle the playgrounds now and you win!

This year you made so many good friends, especially at preschool.  It will be sad to say goodbye, especially to your teacher Susan, who has cared for you since you were two and a half and still in diapers.  You have become so social and such a great role model in your class.  They have set you up well for kindergarten.

I love your zest for life.  I love how much you want to be with your family and friends.  You are quirky and still a stickler for routine (which your dad and I sometimes hate).  You are still picky with foods, but are willing to try new things.  You are you… my darling first baby.  I hope you keep being yourself.  I love you.

Love you always,


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