Monthly Newsletter: Liam, Month One

Originally written May 21, 2010…

Dear Liam,

You are now one month old.  It’s so hard to believe that only a month ago we were anxiously awaiting you and trying everything to get you to come out of your cozy spot in my belly.  It feels as though you have always been with us, and yet it feels like the days have flown by.

It has been a challenging first month for you.  We realized that you were suffering from Gastrointestinal Reflux and it was causing you a lot of pain.  You were two weeks old when we started you on medication and it has made a world of difference.  You no longer scream in pain and your face is more relaxed.  I’m so sorry you had to suffer and that I couldn’t make you instantly better.  I have eliminated dairy and chocolate from my diet and that seems to help with your spitting up.

You have the most beautiful smile.  I admit I am jealous that Daddy was the recipient of your first real smiles, but now you give them to me freely.  You also like to smile at your big brother Caleb and all his antics.  You like to watch him and are content to lie on the floor next to him as he plays and tells about how all his toys work.  The two of you love having a dance party in his room.  I crank up the tunes and Caleb dances around and dances his stuffed animals for you, and you wave your arms and kick your feet.

Our new family of four is starting to get into a routine now, and we are so glad you have joined us.  Daddy, Caleb and I love you so very much (as evident by all the kisses you constantly get).  I’m tired, but so very happy.


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