Letter to Liam

(This was originally written after Liam was born… )

Dear Liam,

Welcome to the world little one.  It was quite the journey we had together, but well worth it.  All the kicks and bumps, all the body aches and pains, all the labour… every minute of it was worth it to see your beautiful face.  Daddy and I are so happy to have you in our lives.  I love watching how alert you are and how much you stare at us, recognizing our voices.  Your big brother Caleb is so excited to have you here.  He tells everyone about his new baby brother.  I was so surprised when the nurse weighed you and you were 9 pounds!  No wonder my belly was so big.  You certainly surprised us.  You also kept us waiting an extra 8 days!  I now think of it as the extra days when you wanted to keep me to yourself and enjoy some last cuddles.  I can’t wait to watch you grow and see your personality emerge.  Already I can tell you are a social and alert little one.  It won’t be long at all before you are running around with your brother.  I love you, my precious little baby boy.


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