My Pregnancy with Liam

When I was pregnant with Caleb I blogged and kept a journal throughout the pregnancy about my experiences.  Unfortunately having one child and working left little time to do it again.  However, I did keep track of dates and events.  And unlike Caleb, this time we did an extra special 3D ultrasound.  So here is a synopsis of my pregnancy with Liam:

*August 1th – the pregnancy test came out positive.  I tested with one of those early response tests, and found out early – so I was really only 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant when we found out.  We decided to keep it a secret as long as possible.

*6 weeks pregnant we had a little scare.  I had lots of abdominal pain on one side and was worried about an ectopic pregnancy.  The clinic doctor thought it was my appendix.  One trip to the ER and one ultrasound later we found out we had a little heartbeat and everything was fine.

*August 26 – Caleb asks if I can make him a sister or brother out of paper and glue!

* September 3-  I heard the best thing ever today: “Hi Baby. I’m Caleb…your big brother. How you coming out?” Yup my smart boy figured it out. We took him to our midwife appointment today, and he mostly played with the toys while we talked. When everything was said and done, Caleb told me we saw “mommy’s doctor” because my tummy was always hurting. A few hours later (after a trip to the petting zoo, park and ice cream) he tells me: I think your tummy hurts because there is a baby in there. HE GUESSED!

*Mid-Spetmeber – we told everyone about the pregnancy.  Caleb wore an “I’m going to be a Big Brother” t-shirt.  He kissed my tummy and said “Good night baby. I love you.”

*Early October – I felt the first little pops and movement from our little Bean.  And Caleb asked if we could get a Halloween costume for the baby!  We heard the heart beat – I love that sound!

*Early November – I have really popped out.

*November 13 – We had our ultrasound today and saw ten fingers, ten toes, a heart, a nose and a penis!  Little Bean is a boy – and a busy one.  He was moving everywhere!  And I have been feeling lots of movement!

*November 18 – I’ve been having lots of round ligament pain, and Braxton hicks contractions have started.

*November 24 – We are 20 weeks now!  I’m half-way through pregnancy already.  Caleb loves to kiss and hug my belly.

*December – Adam and Caleb are both starting to feel baby move.  Adam has now nicknamed the baby Thumper for all his hard kicks.

*January 6 – I am 41” in diameter around my belly…coincidently Caleb is 41” tall… seriously I am the same size around as Caleb is tall!  I am also having hip and groin pain and horrible sciatica.

*January 8 – we had our 3D/4D ultrasound.  We have one cute little bean in there.  He was keeping his hand and foot in front of his face a lot, and seemed to be sucking on his umbilical cord.  He has the cutest little nose.  Now we are even more excited to meet him.  Oh and we saw the boy parts again – definitely a boy!

*End of January – Adam is rearranging furniture and reorganizing the house before he leaves for the Olympics.  I think he is nesting.

*February 2 – 30 weeks!  And I am measuring big!  The sciatica is better thanks to my chiropractor and massage therapist.  We also met our doula, Sarah.

*Early March – I am measuring 3 weeks ahead – yikes!

*March 18 – I am finished with work and off for a year.  Maternity pictures were done.  I look beautiful but feel huge!  Adam is almost done with the nursery.

*March 24 – lots of Braxton Hicks and baby is in optimal position.  The bags are packed.  I’m feeling ready.

*April 1 – still lots of Braxton hicks but no baby!

*April 7 – 1-2 cm dilated but no baby!

*April 13 – we have reached our due date.  I have had weeks of cramping and contractions, and lots of prodrominal labour – but no baby!

*April  15 – have tried acupuncture, red raspberry leaf tea, long walks, bumpy drives and a whole lot of stuff but this baby is holding tight. GAH!

*April 20 – I have made it to 41 weeks… and I think this is finally the real thing after days of false starts.

*April 21, 2010 4:23am – after a wonderful labour and 2 ½ hours of pushing our stuck little Bean comes out via c-section.  Welcome to the world Liam Eric!

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