Happy Birthday Caleb! Monthly…err…yearly newsletter – Month 48 / Year 4!!

Dear Caleb,

You are FOUR!  Wow…four!  Time has flown so fast.  You are now an active, talkative, inquisitive and persistent little boy.  Watching you grow up this last year has been an amazing journey.  Your mind works so quickly and you are constantly amazing your dad and I with all that you learn.  You observe everything and imitate so much… we have learned to be careful with our words and our actions.  You are a caring friend, and have enjoyed your time at preschool.  This year you have been willing to try more, trusted us to keep you safe, and allowed yourself to become more independent.  We are so proud of you.  Your sense of humor is growing and you have definately gained the great four year skill of “toilet humor”!  You have also gained that four year old attitude that makes me want to give you away sometimes… but for the most part you are a marvelous little boy.


Your speech is coming along.  Although you still have difficulty with articulation most people understand what you are trying to say, most of the time.  You have learned to correct your mistakes, or use gestures to communicate with others.  Your balance and coordination are constantly improving and you have recently learned to ride a tricycle using the pedals!  You are continuing your journey in speech therapy, occupational therapy and some physiotherapy.  Your team of therapists have helped you to come a long way, and now they will be supporting you in your “pre-K” year.  It amazes me that this will be your last year before you enter the school system.  You are definately up for the challenge.

Building at the beach

You have this amazing ability to make me laugh and cry in the same five minutes!  A few weeks ago you told me you were sad because you didn’t know how to read.  You also believe the Lady Gaga song “Let’s Dance” is about “wet pants” and that everytime you go to the bathroom, you are feeding the fishes in the ocean.  Every night when I say I love you, you always respond “I love you too too”.  This is often accompanied by a zerbert kiss, a bum wiggle hug or an attack of tickling hands!

cupcake face!

dino cupcake cake

You were once my little baby that I spent every minute holding, touching and kissing.  You loved to be held and cuddled, and needed me to protect you from the world.  Now you are my little boy and you come to me to be kissed and held.  As I watch you grow up, you move a little futher from me.  I have to let you make mistakes and learn about the difficulties of life.  But you will always be your mommy, and you will always be my baby boy, and no matter what I will always be here to help you up when you fall down.  I love you so very much.  Happy Birthday Squishy!

Love always,

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