The following is real conversations with Caleb… 

Aunty Amanda: Are you being an airplane Caleb?

Caleb: No Aunty Manda… I tumbleweed!


Ally: Caleb, dinner time

Caleb: I busy… five more minutes…

Ally: Okay five minutes and then you need to come for dinner

Caleb: No five minutes Mommy… two more minutes

Ally: Okay Caleb, two more minutes

Caleb: No two minutes, five more minutes…I busy Mommy


Anyone: What are you going to be for Halloween Caleb?

Caleb: I race car… daddy batmobile


Caleb (while sitting on the toilet): Uh oh!  No caleb stuck toilet

Ally: No, you won’t get stuck in the toilet

Caleb: Caleb stuck, go ocean, no more Caleb…scary

Ally: Mommy and daddy will help keep you safe.  No Caleb in the ocean

Caleb: No Caleb ocean.  Caleb pee pee go ocean.  Caleb pee pee AND fish go ocean.


Great-grandma: caleb that bird is called a toucan

Caleb: No gamma… one bird… no two-can… one-can bird!

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