Monthly Newsletter: Month 36

Dear Caleb,

You are now three years old…THREE!  Holy smokes!  (“Ohwee kokes” as you would say!)  You are just over three feet tall and weigh in at just over 28 pounds… you’ve gotten taller and skinnier!  Pants don’t fit you very well anymore – they are always too short in the length and too big in the waist.  You’ve survived your first half year of preschool, you’ve moved into a “big boy” bed and you will sometimes pee on the potty.  You are trying to dress and undress yourself, and can bathe all of yourself – although you still need some help.  You help with dusting, sweeping, watering the plants, setting the table and cooking.  You are truely an independent, and often stubborn little boy!  This has to be the most appropriate shirt in your wardrobe!

TROUBLE! Throwing rocks

You are challenging yourself and us everyday as you question the rules and try to figure out for yourself what’s right and wrong.  And you’ve definately found your voice – it’s often very loud.  We are so pleased with how much your speech has improved, especially the last few weeks.  It’s wonderful to hear about all the amazing thoughts that happen in your head.

3-year-old air chair

Fort Rodd Hill

It’s hard to image that three years ago you were this tiny totally dependent little being who would sleep forever on my chest and could fit in the palm of daddy’s hand.  We are truely blessed to have you. 

Mother's day 2008

I love you little squishy!

xo xo xo

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