Growing up!

Caleb has been growing up!  It’s hard to believe he will be three in only two months!  He’s now just over 36 inches tall, and weighs about 28 pounds.  And he is becoming an independent and responsible member of our household!

He now sleeps in a big boy bed… which means he has twice as many stuffed animals in bed with him!

Caleb in his new big boy bed

He’s also very fond of helping with meal preparations, specifically baking!

The real cookie monster!

He does make sure to brush his teeth every night (while wearing his favorite robe!)  He is currently learning how to spit out the toothpaste.

Brushing the teethies!

He loves to imitate his dad – and helps out with all sorts of outside chores too.  He’s even learned the importance of scrubbing the wheels when you wash the car!

Washing the wheels!

But best of all, he has learned to call our attention.  All the time I hear “Ook Momby!” as he shows me something.  It’s amazing to have him call my name when I come home from a run.  Or to have him run up and kiss me, and say “Ov you Momby”.  He amazes me with all the new words he tries to say everyday.  And I love that he still indulges me and lets me take a few quick photos of him all dressed up!  He definately knows the way to my heart!

The Easter Caleb and his Momby!

We love you – little big boy!


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