Monthly Newsletter: Month 29

Dear Caleb,

It’s not easy being two and a half…


But you sure are doing a good job of it (in between all those tantrums, whining bouts and constant requests for “an-dee”- candy!)  You are becoming so independent.  You love to help with dusting and putting laundry away.  And when you want something from the kitchen, you try very hard to help yourself.  We love watching your imagination at work as you play with your toys, acting out your Cars movie, or giving all your Little People birthday parties. 

We also love watching how social you are, and how much fun you have with all your little friends.  Yesturday on a walk you ran across a field to pick a flower and then you ran over and gave it to your girlfriend Eve.  It just about melted all our hearts to watch you! 

In a few weeks you will be visiting your new preschool…PRESCHOOL!  How in the world do we have a preschooler already?  You are so ready for it.  You have even been practicing your numbers, letters and colors.  You love to tell me when things are “blue!” or when you have “two” of something.  And the other day you were labeling letters and colors at the playground and shapes in a book.  When did you get so smart?

You are now saying almost 200 words – and we understand a good chunk of them.  But sometimes it’s so hard to figure out what you are saying and what it is you are trying to tell us.  So it’s no wonder those tears of fustration fall.  But at a recent speech assessment, your comprehension falls exactly where it should for your age, and your expressive skills have made huge leaps and bounds.  Now it’s time to practice those consonent sounds!

And we love the way you kiss us good night and tell us “oov oo” – love you!  Daddy loves that you call his name all the time.  Now if we could just hear you say Mommy… that’s our Christmas wish.

We love you – smiles, tears, tantrums, giggles and all!


Mommy & Daddy

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