Little Big Boy (random stories)

Today Caleb went and got his hair cut – he sat for 10 minutes without fussing… anyone who has ever had a two year old knows this is an incredible feat!  He’s growing up so fast!  And lately when we tell him we love him he says ” I ov oo” right back to us.  It’s enough to make my heart melt.

Last week he played by himself, without getting into trouble, while I cleaned the house and Adam was working on the fence.  When he asked for “cand-ee peez” I let him have one of his packages of fruit snacks.  After he finished he tried to get more out of me, but I told him no, not until after lunch.  After a few whines he disappears to the backyard to play.  A minute later he is dragging Adam into the house to the cupboard so that he can ask daddy for “cand-ee peez”… Smart kid, huh!  (Except of course he did it in front of my face insted of behind my back!)

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