Monthly Newsletter: Month 26

Dear Caleb,

You are now well into your terrible/terrific two’s.  We are thoroughly enjoying your personality – you higher level of understanding, your sense of humour, and your new found ability to imitate what you see (which isn’t always good!)  We are not enjoying your new “scream like a girl” routine.  Although your speech path Karen loves this.  She says any vocal play is good.  Remind me to call her during your next flop-on-the-floor-screaming-in-an-ear-piercing-pitch moment.


Your speech therapy is going well.  Recently you even had a session with your friend Eve included as a model.  You were trying to imitate everything Eve said.  The last few weeks you have become increasing more vocal.  You try to imitate and sing along.  Your current favorite songs are Head and Shoulders, Wheels on the Bus, and Row Your Boat.  You are also starting to get good at signing… I only had to show you once and you totally know how to sign “more cnady please”.  (Funny that I have worked on Mom, Dad and milk for almost 2 years and you still won’t sign those!)

You are also sprouting up – you are getting taller and taller.  Good thing it is summer because a lot of your pants are too short.  Unfortunately you aren’t gaing weight, and your head circumfrence has stayed the same for a while.  We are monitoring you and hopefully it’s just because you are an active boy.

You love to cook lately.  Your favorite gourmet meals – instant pudding and cookies.  You love to get into the bowl with your spoon!


Stealing dough

This month you had a very important job – you were the ring bearer in cousin Anika’s wedding.  You did so well.  You listened to instructions, kept your tie on, stayed with flowergirl Marissa, and charmed your way into the hearts of 160 guests.  Not to mention you were cute!

The cutest ring bearer and flowergirl The fam

The wedding of Anika and Lawrence

You have a very busy social life these days.  Including a first sleepover at your Grandma’s/Aunts’ and Uncle’s house.  You are constantly calling on your girlfriend Eve to play.  And you have been hanging out with lots of your peeps this summer!

Here you are with family…

with Uncle Guitar Hero with Aunty M

With Aunty AMANDA (whose name you'll say when she is in France!) Avec Uncle Bet

with Grandma Karen

…and friends…

Dancing to Umbrella with Eve

Party horns with Ella

with Ella's brother Owen

Working hard with Matthew

We love you cute stuff!

Wedding fun!


Caleb and Mommy

PS- to all our faithful readers, I hope you enjoyed how photo heavy this post was – I wanted to make up for the lack of photos (due to the card reader incident).  Bigger resolutions of many of these photos can be found in Caleb’s toddler album, for those of you that steal photos for use on your own blogs and desktops…not that I’m naming any names!

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