Monthly Newsletter: Month 25

Dear Caleb,

You are now 25 months old, and we have all officially survived the first month of the terrible twos… and yes it is official the screaming, drop to the floor tantrums really are terrible! But oh well…such is life!

At a recent doctor’s check-up we found out that your head isn’t growing, but that your height has sure rocketed up. So you are where you should be for height, and your are a little lower for weight and head circumference. We are monitoring this, but it’s not a huge problem. You realize of course that this small head thing is from your dad – along with all of those other quirky traits!

You babble all the time now. And sometimes you come up with these fabulous words. We know one day there will come a time when you are talking in full sentences non-stop. Your understanding of language is incredible. You follow directions really well – when you want to. And you are becoming such a big help around the house. You love to help with laundry, dishes, gardening, and cooking. I guess we’ll have to start thinking of an allowance for you soon!

I love you, very much – even on the days you won’t stop screaming. And even on the days I have to give you a time out from the play area because you bit another child. Sigh. We’ll call that a trait from daddy too!



PS- When we can get the computer to work properly I’ll post some more pics.

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