Monthly Newsletter: Month 24 (2 years!)

Dear Caleb,

The two year old

You are now a two year old.  It seems like only yesturday we were bringing you home and wondering what to do with the tiny little bundle wrapped up and in my arms.  Now we wonder what to do as you go flying sround the room high on sugar and milk and asking to watch Elmo or Thomas – again and again and again!  (What’s really amazing is that by doing the ah ha ha laugh of Count von Count from Sesame Street, you have conditioned daddy and myself and your aunts and uncles to pull up Sesame Street clips from Youtube on all our computers… you have us all so well trained!)


You definately know how to make your needs known to all of us.  You point, whine, cry and more recently have started to use a few words.  I love to hear your little voice telling me a neeeeeeeerrrrrrrrmmmmm  (airplane) is flying in the sky, or that you see a baaa (sheep) or a bayyybeee (baby) on tv.  You love getting everyone to sing Happy Birthday – and you can sing the HA, day and Kay parts (Kay for Caleb)…and you pretend to blow out candles after the song!  But the best word of all has been “mom”.  Mom means everything – up, help, I want something, I can’t do something, do it for me…. but sometimes it means me, your mommy.  I will always remember the day I picked you up after work and you ran towards me and yelled mom.  It made every tantrum you’ve executed in the last 24 months worth it. 


And of course we still love hearing that fabulous little giggle of your’s.  Everywhere we go you can still make heads turn and grumpy people smile just from that laugh.  Uncle Ryan is right, it should be a ring tone on my cell phone!

You are so independent, and so smart.  The other day you helped me do dishes.  You were so proud of yourself for helping.  And you knew that after scrubbing the spoon you had to turn on the tap and rinse them.  You also help with vaccuuming and laundry.  And you try to help dress and undress yourself.  You have an obsession with your pajamas right now, and it is amazing how quick you can pull them back on when I’m trying to help you dress in the morning.  And of course, you still love your shoes.  As I was getting ready for a run yesturday, I saw you sneak off, find your runners and try to get them on so that you could come too.



We are so proud of everything you have learned to do and all that you continue to learn everyday.  Each day with you is amazing as we watch your brain work and see you accomplish new things – from mastering the playground slide, to drinking from a bendy straw, to telling me when your diaper is dirty (and then playing with the poop while I’m getting out clean diapers)!

You were expecting a picture of poop, not starbuck's right?

We love you so much, and are having so much fun with you.  You will always be our little bayyybeee… but we love watching you grow up to be our little boy Gooey!

Big boy

Lots of birthday kisses and squishes,



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