Monthly Newsletter: Month 23

Dear Caleb,

This is your last newsletter as a one year old… where has the time gone?  It seems like only yesturday Daddy and I were bringing you home from the hospital – this tiny little bundle who depended on us for everything.  Now you are becoming Mr. Independent.  You know what you want, and try to get your way – all the time.  If not, watch out for Hurricane Caleb.

Yup - he's riding the pinata!

Some of those “terrible two” tantrums are brought on by fustration as you still can’t always communicate your needs.  But you are trying really hard.  In the last few weeks we have been bringing you to see Dr. Craig – the chiropractor (and the other Caleb’s daddy).  This along with your Speech therapy from Karen and OT exercises from Carolyn (Trevor’s mommy) – have produced some excellent changes in your speech sound production.  You can now tell us that a sheep says BAA, a lion goes RRRRR, trains are “woo-woo” and attempt to say things like “more”, “puh-oh” (Playdoh), and “eyaahhh” (yeah).  You are also getting really good at intraverbals…. that’s speech therapy talk for filling in the blanks.  When we read a book together, I can pause and you try to fill in the missing word with a sound.  Karen was so impressed when you read her your Moo Baa La La La book today.  You are also trying to label.  It’s so neat to see you point at something and tell us “dat dat” (look at that).  I’m so proud of you.

As your speech increases, so has your need to “do it yourself”.  I’m sure you’ll soon have your own HGTV show with toddler DIY ideas!  You are still our happy gardener.  In fact I have a deal going with the neighbours that you’ll be cutting their lawns for $10 a house…we’ll have that university tution saved in no time!

Happy Gardener

You have also been trying to play with daddy’s tools, and you try to “fix” things when they aren’t working.

McQueen's new pit crew

Today you figured out how to climb up the climbing wall at the playground to get up to the slide.  And you figured out how to get in and out of the bathtub tonight.  It’s kind of a seal sliding approach, but you did it.  (Sorry – no pictures of this…too busy trying to stop you from drowning!)

You are definately a busy boy now.  You don’t like to stop to have your picture taken anymore.  In fact you cried at our family photoshoot, because we made you pause during your duck chasing.  So, this newsletter is void of many photos.  Oh well!  I still love you, and all your antics (well, all your antics minus the tantrums and the milk sprinkler imitation you do!)

Enjoy your last few weeks as a one year old!


PS – Make sure you behave for daddy while Mommy is away in Vancouver… this will be my first overnight trip away from you boys…wahhh!

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