Monthly Newsletter: Months 19-21

Dear Caleb,

It has been far too long since I wrote you a letter… but the time has just been flying, and I’d rather spend my days playing with you, than writing about it.  (Sorry to all our faithful readers!)  You are now 21 months old…only a mere three months and you will be two!  These last three months have been busy ones, and a memorable time for all of us…

We survived our move from “the big city condo” to the “house in the ‘burbs”!  Thanks for all your help with the packing!  It was sad to say goodbye to the place we first called home.  Our last day there we went to pick up the final items and you shut yourself up in your old bedroom and didn’t want us to take you out.  By the time we left you and I were both crying.  I know you probably won’t remember it, but that will always be the place we first brought you home to.

sunrise at the condo 

I will miss how close it was to get anywhere, and all our wonderful walks to town or the park.  But it is wonderful to finally have a yard of our own, and not worry about downstairs neighbours! 


You love the fact that you get to go outside and play with all the neighbour kids.  (Sorry that you got run over by the little motorized kids hummer yesturday…but you held your own and handled it like a champ and got some big hugs form one of the older girls!)  I’m so excited that you get to grow up in a neighbourhood full of playmates, green grass and room for you to run around (even if it is snowing out!)  Yup – before we got our lawn you were playing in a snow covered dirt pile!


You also love that we have a garage.  More specifically – a garage door.  You favorite thing to do is watch that door open and close.  You also love to clean sweep your kitchen cupboard.  Daddy and I thought it would be good for you to have your own cupboard where you could get your own cups, plates and bowls.  We didn’t intend it to be for you to get out ALL of your cups, plates and bowls!  You also love to climb up on all the new furniture.  And stairs are no problem for you!


You still love to play with your cars and trains.  More recently however you have gotten into arts and crafts- definately mommy’s son!  You absolutely love to play with playdoh, you love to draw and you love stickers.  Everyday we sit at your little table and you play contently with your art stuff…. and everyday I pick playdoh out of the carpet!  But it’s totally worth it!  Having a family room for all your toys is great…even though we still seem to have toys in the living room!

You also still love to play with the phone and babble away.  Just this past week you’ve finally started to say something when someone is really on the phone.  You do your chicken and cow conversation:

Mommy: Hi Caleb!  Are you having a good day today?
Caleb: Cuk cuk cuk, moo!
Mommy: Yes chicken say cluck, cow says moo.
Caleb: Cuk cuk cuk!
Mommy: I have to go back to work – have a good afternoon
Caleb: mmmmmmmmooo cuk cuk
Mommy: I love you
Caleb: Cuk Cuk Cuk Mmmmm (blowing kisses in the phone)


The last few months we’ve also been busy with Kindermusik – which you were really starting to like.  We also had our first few visitors, and last week we celebrated daddy’s 30th birthday.  We had around 50 people over.  You loved getting cake.


We’ve also had speech therapy sessions.  In January we went for a hearing test – which was normal… after fighting with you about wearing the headphones!  And we got waitlisted for Speech services.  But Mommy followed her instincts and figured out it was a motor planning issue – so now you are seen by Mommy’s work – some speech now and you will start to see an OT soon.

You have adjusted well to our new home and the longer commute.  As a family we are adjusting to our new routines and your therapies.  I still get sad sometimes that you can’t call “Mommy” when you need me, or get fustrated when you can’t tell us what you want.  But I know one day those words will come.  Until then, your beautiful little face keeps me going everyday.  I love you cuk cuk!



PS – In February I won some CDs from a radio station because I wrote a Haiku about you:
Your beautiful smile
A laugh, a hug, a snuggle
Gets me through my day!

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