Monthly Newsletter: 18 months!

Dear Caleb,

You are 18 months old today…that’s a year and a half – already!  The time has sure flown by.  It seems like only yesturday you were this tiny baby I was cuddling to sleep in our bed…oh wait that really was yesturday – except you were a restless toddler who refused to go back to sleep in his crib!  Yup – you still have nights where only sleeping with mommy will ensure any of us will get more than a four hour stretch.  It’s been 18 months – you’d think we’d be used to this by now, huh?!

But for the most part you have been a joy and delight to us.  You do sleep through the night a fair amount.  And you eat most of your veggies and help out with chores – putting laundry in your basket and plates in the dishwasher… you are already one up on daddy!

Caleb and Daddy

And you have the most adorable personality…

Totally Caleb

You definately know what you like and don’t like these days.  For instance you hate having your diaper changed, your face and hair washed,  being forced to stay still, waiting and snow… yup you really didn’t like the snow we recently had!

I hate snow!

You also love many things.  You love your boots – that can be seen in almost every picture here!  Right now you have an obsession with watching the Disney movie Cars – Car has been one of your first words.

Not now...watching Cars!

You are also in love with ranch dressing (all that dip dipping) and oranges.  One day you stole the box of mandrines off the kitchen table and we caught you trying to peel and eat one!

Orange theif!

You also love to play with the phone and pretend to make calls to people.  When the phone rings now you are the first to go running for it.

What's the area code for Australia?

You are a very busy little boy – so full of energy, and always wanting to be a part of everything we do or always trying to include us in your play.  I love coming home to you everyday after work and getting my hugs and kisses (even the wet ones).  You truely make my day, and even when it’s been a hard night and stressful day – thinking of you can always put a smile on my face.

Family cuteness

Thanks for making me feel like the luckiest and most loved mommy ever!

Mommy cuddles


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