Monthly Newsletter: Month 15

Dear Caleb,

You are 15 months old now… well into toddlerhood… and well into everything! Now that you can walk, and almost run, you explore everywhere and everything. Nothing is safe anymore from your curious little hands. Even when we are away from home, you love to be discovering everything about the environment around you … like how sand tastes… or how big the ocean really is!
Mmmm...sand! How far can get?

Some days we barely manage to keep up with you!
Mommy & Caleb catching some rays Come on dad... Let's go!

You love to be Mr. Independant. You want to feed yourself now, and also love to feed others!
Noodles! Here daddy, have some!

I’m also happy that you are finally a milk lover! You drink bottles like a pro now – which is wonderful, because you weaned yourself off breastfeeding. We went 15 months – and although the last few months you slowed down, I was surprised at how you were able to stop and have never looked back. I’m a little sad that our close bonding time is gone – but you always give me extra cuddles to make up for it!

Recently we did the ultimate family test – we went on a huge 12 day road trip… all the way to San Francisco, and then…a last minute spontaeous decision… all the way to Disneyland! You absolutely loved it! The look on your face as you met Pooh, eeyore, Tigger and Mickey was priceless and made the long days of driving totally worth it. We’ve always joked that the last time daddy and I went to Disney we brought you back as an extra souvineer! It was nice to go full circle, and watch the wonder and amazement in your face as you explored the magical world of Disney!
Amazement! Disneyland!

It seems like such a long time ago we starting taking our monthly Eeyore shots… it was fun to get one more!
The first Eeyore shot - June 2005 The Eeyore & Caleb

We love you!


PS- I know this letter was late, but we were still on vacation on the 3rd… and it’s taken a while to get back into routine…

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