Monthly Newsletter: Month 14

Dear Caleb,

You are now 14 months and 20 pounds -yay! Unfortunately you are still too underweight to have your carseat turned around -but oh well, you are safer facing backwards anyway. And you have definately grown taller. Everyday I look at you and see a more of a little boy than a baby. Your baby days seem so far away… especially since you are now WALKING!

Yes, you have finally decided that the lightening fast crawl you have just isn’t as fun as walking on your two little feet. So you have been working hard all month at walking. What started as a few steps to get some ice cream has turned into more and more steps everyday. You often wander around the house pausing at the odd piece of furniture or wall to adjust your balance – and then off you go. You love to stand up. And you love to have us walk you around.
Little boy standing!

You also love to climb on things. Apparently while I was out a few weeks ago, daddy found you standing on the toilet emptying my make-up bag. And you seem to think that it’s fun to try to ride your tricycle by standing on the seat. I am in trouble when you start to run aren’t I?!
Evil Kanevil

You also have an obsession with walking up and down stairs. Many times now I have followed you up to the fifth floor of our building and then have to break my back walking back down with you. You also love to walk in and out our balcony door, and wander around the deck. If you could you’d be out there all day!
Going out mama - be back soon! On the deck

You love your water table, the swimming pool, your turtle pool, the water park, playing in the sink, and playing in any puddle… but you have decided you hate your bath. You whine and cry and scream… (did I mention you have a very loud scream!) We have become experts at soaping you up and rinsing you off in less than a minute. We may have to start bathing you in your turtle pool!
Water boy

You have also decided to become fussier about the foods you eat. Some days you refuse any vegetable, some days you won’t eat meat. Something you loved a week ago, you now hate. Feeding you dinner is becoming as bad as washing your hair some days.

Some of this “grumpiness” is also because you have finally cut your fifth tooth… and believe it or not it’s a molar. Four front teeth and a molar and nothing in between! I have a feeling you have quite a few more teeth coming and that is why we have been dealing with hurricane Caleb the last week or so!

You have also become super clingy to me again. You don’t seem to want to go to daddy anymore – poor daddy. I enjoy all my extra cuddles from you, but would appreciate being able to go to the bathroom without you wrapped around my legs screaming “mama”!

But despite all the grumpies and screaming and whining… you are still so much fun, and so darn cute! Lately you have been imitating what you see us do – you try to brush your hair and mine, you like to feed Elmo and Cookie Monster with a bowl and spoon, you try to feed yourself and you try to feed us, you try to water the flowers and you are great at fitting lids on containers and helping put things away in drawers and in the dishwasher. We love you to pieces and love watching you learn all your new skills everyday!
Blanket boy Our Family - July 26, 2006

We love you little monkey!


PS – We are hoping to find you a backyard soon. Our condo is for sale and we are house hunting. I am going to be one tired mama if we buy a house with stairs!

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