Monthly Newsletter: Month Twelve

Dear Caleb,

You are now 12 months old… that’s one year old! Happy birthday Caleb!

This year went by inncredibly fast. It’s hard to believe you have grown so much and gained so many skills in this one short year. When you were born you weight 7 pounds and 7 ounces and you were 19.5 inches long. You are now 29.5 inches long and weigh 19 pounds. Eeyore has shrunk!
12 month eeyore 12 month eeyore

You are definately a toddler now. You love to walk around – with support and any day now I know you are going to let go of our hands and just run off to play with the big kids.
waterpark walking Family walk

Your little personality has fully come out, and you know what you like and what you don’t like. Food can sometimes be a battle now, as you have realized you have some favorites and that’s what you like to eat. Veggy botty, peaches, avacado, tomato sauce, banana and cheese are your favorites -and if you could you’d live off these foods alone!
Mmmm Veggie Booty! Baby versus avacado!

You are also a sensitve little soul and if someone gets into your space, or does something you don’t like, you tear up and sob. It can be very heartbreaking to watch.
Our sensitive little guy

However, this has also made you so much more cuddly. You love to give out big hugs. You wrap your little arms around our necks and bury your head on our shoulders… and it is the best hug in the world. Everyday I look forward to my cuddles with you. You also love to give kisses.
Daddy hugs Mommy kisses

And your other funny new skill… blowing raspberries. You love to blow raspberries on my arm or tummy or cheeck… and recently you started making blowfish faces on the glass deck! So now we have lip prints everywhere next to your fingerprints!

You still love be social with everyone, and being involved in everything we are doing. Your daddy has you trained to love Time Horton’s as much as he does, and you have develop[ed my love of pickles! We can tell you are going to be a very well rounded child!
Bagel and a double double pickle face!

You are becoming such a little boy! You also love playing at the playground. You love to ride on the baby swings, walk along the playground ramps and especially love wagon rides. You also love hanging out with your little friends. It’s been wonderful to watch you develop relationships with others and see how you interact with them.
Wagon ride with Caleb B.

It’s been such a wonderful twelve months. We adore you and all the things you can do. Thanks for making our lives so wonderful!
Caleb smiles!

I can’t wait to see what new adventures happen in your second year of life, as you follow in your daddy’s footsteps, and learn practical skills from daddy and creative arts from mommy… and develop more into your own little person.
Daddy's boy Our little artist

We love you so much!
Our family The Ells

I’m so sad to have to leave you and go back to work. But even though I may not be there to wipe away your tears and hug you every hour, please know that your mommy loves you more than anything, and our hours together are going to more special than ever!
I love you baba!

I love you Caleb!


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