Happy Birthday Caleb!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful baby boy!!
Make a wish!

You continue to amaze us everyday. Your big bright smile and shining eyes draw in the world, and your infectious giggle brightens our everyday. It has been the most incredible year and we are so grateful to have you as our darling son.

Welcome to toddlerhood! The journey here has been wonderful, even on those not so good days and nights… and we can’t wait to follow you into your second year of life and all the adventures yet to come.

We love you Squishy!

Mommy & Daddy

PS- Your big birthday party today has worn us all out, so the 12 month newsletter will be posted tommorrow…
but here is a sneak at the monthly eeyore shot…
12 month eeyore
12 months old

Look how much you have grown…
5 days old

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