Monthly Newsletter: Month Ten!

Dear Caleb,

I once read in a book that it takes babies up to 40 weeks to learn how to sleep well and sleep throughout the night. Well, Mr. Textbook baby – you have hit the ten month mark – approximately 40+ weeks and you now sleep much better. Hooray! You are now ten months, 19 pounds and around 29 inches long. You sure have grown! And you are into EVERYTHING!
eeyore kisses 10 month picture

You are now moving aorund the house at lightening speed, either following us, crawling away from us, or chasing something you have thrown or rolled down the hallway.
Crawling away

You also love to stand up. You seem to have sprouted up and grown these super long arms that can reach everything. Nothing is safe!
Reaching for trouble

And now you are trying to stand up while letting go of things. Why do I feel like waking is just around the corner? You also love to dance- and you shake your little booty to your Learning Table songs.

Your new favorite games include:
“what can I swipe off the coffee table / top shelf / sofa?”
“how many loud objects can I bang on the laminate flooring?”
“what happens when I push all of these buttons onthe t.v.?”
“how many long distance phone calls can I make by randomly pushing buttons on the phone?”
“how many wipies can I swipe out of the box before mommy comes back form the bathroom?”
Swiping wipies

You are also very good at shaking and nodding your head, and love to make an ah wa wa sound when we move our hands over your mouth.

And you have finally learned the most important word ever: “Mama”! You scream it at the top of your lungs “MMMMMMaaaamaaaaaaa”. You yell it when you are mad: “Mmmmmoooommmmmmm” and when you want your milk, you turn your little head into my cheast and pant “Mmm ma mmmm ma ma mmm”. I love it!

And you finally have learned to like love avacado! You would eat a whole avacado if I would let you.
Yummy avacado in my hair!

You would also eat a whole banana in one sitting if I’d let you. Some other favorite foods include: kiwi – which I do let you eat all of, pasta, cheese, yogurt and bread products. Just like your daddy you get excited when we got to Tim Horton’s. But, instead of a double double, you are thrilled with your plain bagel in the paper Timmy’s bag.
kiwi on my nose Love my Timmy's bagel!
Oops...was this for the ducks?

You have also been reintroduced to oats and thankfully we’ve had no reactions this time. So now you readily enjoy Nutrios (a healthier cheerio), and I usually find little collections of these all over the house.

You still love the water. We go swimming once a week with your friends, and you love being in the bath. You also love to brush your teeth. You have three and a half now!
Mommy's new favorite picture

You also got your first haircut this month. Everyone thinks your baby buzz cut is adorable! Daddy did a great job.
Baby buzz cut

Daddy and I still love you to pieces and love watching all the new skills you are learning everyday! We love you Snuggle Puppy!

The thinker

Riding on daddy's shoulders Playing on a 28 year old horse that belonged to mommy when she was a baby!



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