Monthly Newsletter: Month Nine

Dear Caleb,

You are now nine months old and a ball full of energy. This last month you have taken your independance to a new level. You are into everything! And if you can’t reach it, you sure attempt to. You are definately your own little person now.
9 month eeyore shot 9 month pic

You crawl lighting fast. Your favorite game is taking your rollaround balls and pushing them around the house and following them. You even use them to get into the tiny spaces you aren’t supposed to be. And when we get after you, you act very innocent…. If you could I’m sure you’d actually be saying “oops…. lost my ball behind the computer and I have to go get it”, or “oops my ball is stuck by the shoes baskets – I’d better empty the shoes to find it”.
Caleb's favorite rollarounds Gonna getcha

You also love to bang on your learning drum.
I just wanna bang onmy drum all day!

Your other favorite place to crawl is under your high chair. You often go on a little hunt to find bits of toast or cookie that you have dropped. I think you actually drop food onthe floor to save it for later.
Hunting for a snack

You have also gotten really good at pulling yourself up to a standing position using furniture, objects ont he floor, other people… whatever you can get your hands on. You love to stand up. Our glass doors are smudged with tiny fingerprints, as is the tv screen!
How do I get outta here? WHere's my Olympics?

This month we have tried all kinds of new foods, and you love everything (except avacado!) You are now eating meats, whole wheat, and a few dairy products. Just like your mommy you love yogurt and cheese. And just like your daddy, you love bread. Every morning you expect your toast. You used to like little tiny pieces, and got very good at using your pincer grasp to pick them up. But now you expect to get a bit piece, and you love to munch on it with your two little teeth.
MMMMM toast! Cookie monster!

You still love the water. You really enjoy swimming, and bathtime. Although m,any times we have had to remind you that you can’t roll over and crawl int he water. And you really shouldn’t be drinking your bath water either!
Tubby smiles a well placed cup!

You also love to play at the playground. You love watching the bigger kids, and playing on the swings and slide. I know as soon as you learn how you will be running around the playground like all the big kids do.
Swing smiles Giddy up!
Peek a boo!

We took you to the petting zoo for the first time and you loved the goats. You also thought the squirrels and ducks were very funny to watch.
goats more goats

In fact, everything seems to make you laugh these days. You still love playing peekaboo. And you love to read books. And everyone thinks you are adorably cute when you giggle away as we sings songs in our Mother Goose class.

I love watching your expressions as you delight in all the fun things in life. And I love the way your face lights up when your daddy or enter the room. You smile instntly when we go in to get you up int he morning. And some days you are still smiling as I put you to bed. And I know it makes your daddy’s day when you crawl up and greet him at the door every afternoon when he gets home.
Daddy's boy! Raising the mommy eyebrow
waiting for dada

Thanks for warming our hearts up these last nine months little Squishy. You have now been part of our world out here as long as you were a part of our worlk inside of me. I can’t believe we have been so blessed to you with us for so long. We love you now more than ever.

Love and hugs,

XO xo

PS – We do need to do something about your hair though!
Bad Hair Day

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