Monthly Newsletter: Month Eight

Dear Caleb,

Happy 8 months little guy! (Although you really aren’t that little anymore… you are 17 pounds 9 ounces, and have grown almost 8 inches since you were born!)
8 month Eeyore pic Looking good Where's the baby?

This last month was rather a rough one for you. You got very sick and had an ear infection, a very high fever and a rash – which may have been roseola. You got very used ti seeing the doctor. You also had your very first trip to the ER. Daddy and I were very worried one night about your not sleeping and constant crying, so we took you to get checked out just in case. You hated all the tylenol we had to give you, but sure loved all the sponge baths we gave you in the sink.
Poor sick baby with the rash Sponge bath

Once your rash, fever and ear infection were gone, you ended up with thrush, and got your first prescription medicine. It tasted like banana, and I think by the end of the ten days (four times a day), you actually liked the stuff and would open your mouth really wide to take it.

Now that you are feeling better, you are completely on the go and crawling everywhere. No more commando crawling for you. Last weekend you figured out how to alternate your knees with your hands and that was it. You were crawling! The first time you did it really well was when your daddy came back from work. We were at your friend Keira’s house and daddy met us there (because mommy had locked the car keys in the trunk). Well as soon as you saw your daddy you bee-lined over to him. The next night you were chasing grandma and grandpa’s dog Rufus around the living room and kitchen. And now, I can’t go anywhere in the condo without having you trailing right behind me. And you are into everything!
Crawling in Crawling out

The last few days however, you have decided crawling isn’t good enough – and have been getting up on your knees. You love trying to get to the t.v. this way.
The t.v. is mine!

You are also standing. You love to stand and look over the sofa at the fish tank. When I try to put you down to play you lock your knees so that you can stand up instead of sit. Yesturday, after standing and staring out the patio door, you threw a little tantrum because I made you get down. I have a feeling you will be running soon.
Finding Nemo Still standing

You celebrated your first Chinese New Year this year – and got lots of lucky money, which you promptly tried to eat.
Yummy money

Everything seems to go in your mouth these days – paper, glittery Christmas balls, the remote, my slippers, random objects you find in your travels around the condo… And you love to eat. Now that you have two little teeth you can make a rice cookie disappear in the time it takes us to blink. You love your fruit sauces and veggies. And we have gone through many boxes of rice, barley and wheat cereals. You also like to try and feed yourself!
Yummy hands Feeding my nose!

You are definately a very determined little person, who loves to be included in everything, and loves to do what mommy and daddy do. Your favorite game is peek a boo – you can’t get enough of it. You also love to be flipped upside down. You are also starting to try to communicate with us. You can wave bye-bye (when you want to), and we are teaching you baby sign. You understand when I sign milk or eat.

You are so much fun these days. You keep us on your toes with all your shinanagans. You still don’t sleep very well at night, but we are making progress. And all those many times we must get up in the middle of the night are made up with all your smiles and laughs. I love the way your face lights up when either myself or daddy enters the room. And I love the way you will crawl full speed ahead across a room to hug me. Thanks for being such a wonderful little you!

Shampoo Mohawk Hee hee hee!

cuteness A boy & his bear


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