A Million Little Pieces

Dear Caleb,

I don’t know if I could love you any more than I do tonight. Just before bedtime, daddy was bouncing you on his knee and I was tickling your thighs and swooping in for kisses, and you were laughing with such glee. You laughed like you never have before, and those big beautiful eyes of yours were shining brightly with an endless expression of such wonderous joy. You radiated with so much happiness, and it was a moment none of us wanted to end. When we finally calmed you down and had you ready for bed, you and I had our usual snuggle time together. As I sang you your lullabies, you looked up at me with so much love in your eyes, I’m sure if you could have said it you would have told me you loved me. My heart burst into a million little pieces as I watched you staring at me with all the love in the world. The sleepless nights, moments of crying, and new mommy fustration all disappeared right then and there. Tonight I love you more than ever, and I know you love me right back with all your heart. You have made me feel like the most wonderful mommy in the whole world. Thank you little Squishy for making me feel like the most important and most loved person in the universe.

I love you for always and forever… a million times over,


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