Monthly Newsletter: Month 7

Dear Caleb,

Happy seven months! And Happy New Year… it’s odd to think that you were born last year!
7 month picture 7 month eeyore

This last month was full of excitement for all of us. We celebrated your first Christmas. It was a wonderful, and busy time, and we enjoyed sharing our traditions with you and starting new ones as a new family.
Christmas Eve Christmas morning

You got totally spoiled by everyone. But by far, your favorite gift was wrapping paper, tissue paper and boxes. Your little face would light up everytime I open the door and the mail carrier was there with a package. You loved tearing into the boxes, and playing with all that packaging. And you are a present pro! You wanted to rip the paper off all of them – even the gifts that weren’t your’s!
A box - yay! Opeing the gift for Kaari Going for someone's big gift!

Now that we have sent things to the recycling bin, you have really started to get into your toys. Your little face lights up and you laugh with joy every time you make your learning table light up, the aquarium fish turn, the dino roar, or make cookie monstor say hello. And you love reading through all your new books, and looking oh so cute in your new outfits.
Yay toys! Learning table Climbing on the dino

The greatest gift for us has been watching your happiness. Although, if you ask daddy, his greatest gift was the fact that you learned to say dada while he has been on holidays, and you call out hi dada all the time. I appreciated the six hours of sleep you gave me Christmas night – I guess I forgot to say my Christmas wish was you’d do that everynight! Oh well… all in good time! The smile you give me everyday is better than present!
Mommy kisses and baby smiles

Thank goodness, you didn’t discover the joy of the Christmas tree and all those tempting dangling ornaments until last week!
grabbing Eating the ornaments

And although you asked Santa for your two front teeth for Christmas, they didn’t arrive until the New Year. The last few nights you have slept horribly, and yesturday I discovered why… your two bottom teeth are poking through your gums – and they are sharp! We’ve given you lots of teething toys, but the best has been frozen applesauce in your fresh food feeder. You sure enjoy that!

In fact you enjoy alot of foods these days. Some of your favorites have been squash, sweet potatos, yams, banana, applesauce and most definately cantaloup. You don’t seem to like avacado or peas! And of course you love your rice cearal cookies!
Me loves cookies

You love to be able to sit at the big table with everyone, and to be able to eat foods with us when we eat out at resturants.

You also love to see what is going on and to be part of the action. Your curiosity has you creeping, rolling and dragging yourself across the room. You are now able to get yourself up into a sitting position or do the opposite and go from sitting to your tummy or back. And recently, you have started to pull your self up on your knees so you can reach the top of your toys, into your new toybox or try to grab things off the coffee table.
crawling to mommy in the toybox

This last month, you also graduated from our Babytalk group. You were starting to roll over some of the younger ones, and stealing other babies toys, so it’s probably a good thing. But it is sad that the group we have been a part of since you were only 6 weeks old is now done. We’ll be starting some new grops soon, and it will be fun to see how you interact with older babies, and how much you’ll be moving around to keep up with them. I have no doubts that you will hold your own, as you are already a social little guy – with quite a few girlsfriends that you love to play with and kiss!
Girlfriends First friends

Daddy and I are really looking forward to starting the new year off with you, and being part of all the wonderous discoveries and milestones you will encounter as we head towards the end of your first year. Thanks for making 2005 the most wonderful year. Your arrival was the most fantastic part of the year, and each day keeps getting better and better. (And even better still when you learn to sleep a little bit longer at night!)

We love you little snowflake!

xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

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