Monthly Newsletter: Month 6

Dear Caleb,

You are now 6 months old… that’s a whole half a year!! Wow! Time has flown by so quickly, that I can barely remember all the days that have encompassed the last 6 months. It makes me so sad to realize you are growing up so quickly and no longer my little tiny baby. But at the same time, I’m so in love with your wonderfully bubbly and mischevious personality.

5 days old 6 months old
Lots of things have happened this last month that has made me realize just how much you are getting older. You have started to eat solids, and you love it. So far we have given you organic brown rice cereal, a rice cereal cookie and some carrots. You adore your rice cereal. Sometimes I can’t get it in your mouth fast enough and you try to take the spoon and bowl yourself.


You are also on the move! During a recent trip up to Nanimo and Ladysmith, you crawled backwards across your friend Emily’s floor… and you haven’t stopped moving since. I am constantly chasing you around as you roll and wiggle your way backwards and sideways. You are trying very hard to go forward, and can get up on your hands and knees, and push off with your toes… I know anyday day now you are going to just take off!

Getting away! Getting up

Of course with all this moving around, you also get into everything! You love going after the remote control. You also insist on joining in the conversation if I’m on the phone, and just like your daddy you love to pound away at the computer keyboard! More than once you have locked the keyboard on me, and done things to the computer that I have no idea how to do! You also love to play with boxes! And you’ll drag your toys with you to exchange them for anything that belongs to mommy and daddy!

typing Inside my favorite box

You also roll over towards your friends, and have now kissed and been kissed by many of your baby girlfriends. You also went up Keira’s skirt. We’ll have to keep an eye on you!

And you have learned to sit quite well. You still topple over sometimes, but can sit and play with a toy for a longer period of time now… unless mommy disappears out of the room. Then nothing keeps your interest. We have to discuss this separation anxiety thing!! Daddy is fun too!

watching the aquarium

And thank you for letting mommy and daddy go on a date! You had such a good time with Auntie Amanda, and you were so good for her. We’ll definately have to do that again! And mommy is going to start having some time to go out on her own- and trust me you’ll have fun while I’m gone too!

You’ve also found your loud voice… your very loud voice. Sometimes you scream out of excitment and pleasure (like in our baby games class) and sometimes you start yelling at us when you are crying. We’ve been working on baby signing to help you communicate with us. But I think we’ll have to start praising you for using your inside voice too!

Now that it’s the holiday season, you have experienced more firsts too. You recently went for your first visit with Santa – who thought you were a very good baby. You were mesmerized by your first Santa parade, have gone Christmas shopping (and got your first Elmo from great grandpa) and recently we went for a walk in the snow! (Rare for Victoria). Like the parade, you couldn’t quite figure out what the fluffy white stuff was!

mesmerized snow!

You definately have your favorite activites too. You love to play peek-a-boo and any silly songs and games are a riot to you! We definately have a lot of fun now! And the laughter and smiles you give me everyday, makes the lack of sleep all worthwhile!

We can’t wait to enjoy our first Christmas together as a family. You are about to be spoilt to death by everyone!

ho ho ho!

We love that you have been a part of lives for the last half a year. You have made mommy and daddy so very happy! We love all 16 pound and 26 inches of you!

Happy 6 months Caleb!


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