Monthly Newsletter: Month 5

Dear Caleb,

You are now five months old. In the last five months your little personality has emerged and now you are this wonderfully loving little baby full of cute smiles, giggles and mischievious twinkling eyes. You have mastered the ability to flirt and draw everyone towards you. Everyday we have strangers coming up to us to ask how old you are, and tell us how adorably cute you are.
5 month picture

You have also become quite the ladies man among all our baby friends… you have several girlfriends whom you have held hands with, hugged, eaten their hands, or licked their faces. You love to be with your friends – watching them, laughing with them, sitting with them, doing tummy time with them, swimming with them, and someties accidentally rolling over on top of them.

Speaking of rolling over, you can now roll from your back to your tummy. You are very good at this and very quick at it. We can put you down on the floor and you will roll over and then roll over again. Your main objective seems to be getting off your blanket – and taking your favorite toys with you! It is also great entertainment for everyone at Sunday dinner. You thought it was great fun to hear everyone clap for you everytime you rolled!

Rolling was a trick you learned during your first ever trip to Vancouver. You spent almost the whole ferry ride there asleep on daddy’s lap.
Sleeping Ferry ride
We stayed with John, and you and Ella became fast friends. In fact, I’m sure I saw you trying to sneak the cat into your diaper bag.
Grabbing Ella
While we were there, you slept in bed with mommy and daddy, and you figured out that if you rolled towards mommy you could help yourself to a snack, and neither you nor I would really have to wake up. From those two nights in bed with us, a whole new world of rolling and moving has opened up to you. At night, you will roll over to sleep on your tummy. Often times I find you in the morning proped up on your arms peeking out of the crib looking for us.
Peek a boo Wake up face

While in Vancouver, you rode ont he Skytrain for the first time, and you loved it! We rode to Metrotown and you picked a monkey at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. We named him Gooey.
Gooey Gooey and Caleb

You also rode on your first swing at the playground, and loved that too! I think you are going to be like your daddy, and love rollercoasters and thrill rides like him! And, just like daddy you are also a fish in the water. You love going swimming, although you are still unsure when mommy dunks you under. But your absolute favorite is having a bath inthe big bathtub. You love kicking and splashing around!
swings splashing

You also started teething this month. this means that some days you can be a very grumpy bear. It also means you try to chew on everything… fingers, leaves, other people…. anything you can get your little hands on!
Mmm....leaves! yummy! teething
You constantly have drool coming out of your mouth because of this, and because of your new found raspberry blowing skill! You also love taking sips of water off of spoons and water bottles. You watch us very intently when we eat, and have started to chew on your lip. We know you are anxious for solid foods – just a few more weeks, and you can have some cereal! That will be a whole new adventure!

The other skill you have been working on is learning to sit up independently. You can do it with a slight lean forward for a short period of time. We’ll have to be careful of the pants you wear now though, because occassionally while you sit you look like your Uncle Dave in the back!
sitting plumber's butt!

We also recently enjoyed our first family Halloween. We dressed you up as Winnie the Pooh (of course), and also Charlie Brown. You looked adorable. We took you on your first hayride, so that you could pick a pumpkin, and we carved up to look like an owl. You thought the pumpkin was pretty tasty too!
Caleb the Pooh Charlie Brown Caleb
Pumkin patch pumpkin patch owl pumpkin

We also got a new car this month, a Honda Accord. When we got it we moved you into your bigger carseat, because the infant carrier seat was getting too small. At 26.25 inches and 15 pounds 4 ounces, you are too big to fit in it.
Vroom! I can't reach the pedals!

You sure have changed lots in the last five months Squishy! We are having so much fun with you (except for those multiple ight wakings – but we’re working on that together)! We can’t wait to see what the following months bring!

In the leaves 5 month Eeyore picture

xo xo xo xo xo

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