New Skills He Learned While Co-sleeping in Vancouver

On our weekend trip to Vancouver, we ended up having to co-sleep with Caleb in the middle of the bed between us. During the two nights we were away he learned that if he rolled over on his side and wiggled a bit he could snuggle into me and find himself a snack… suddenly a whole new world was opened up to him- the 24 mommy milk buffet!! I just left my pajama shirt up and he took care of things himself and I was able to stay half asleep!

So now when I put him to bed in his crib he rolls over onto his side, and sometimes onto his tummy. Previously he could only roll tummy to back. But now, after two nights of co-sleeping he can roll back to tummy… and he loves sleeping on his side and on his tummy… and sleeps better and longer this way- in his crib!! I got five straight hours of sleep last night! And he’s still asleep!! I think he just hated sleeping on his back, which is why he used to wake up so damn much! Now he can roll himself and get comfy in the position he likes.

And “they” said co-sleeping would make kids dependant on having to sleep in their parents bed! Hah!

(Oh and just to prove we live on the “dangerous” side – he also has the bumpers in his crib)!

Don’t worry I have done lots of research and am very careful with the co-sleeping, bumper pads and tummy sleeping!

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