What were you doing at 3 am?

Caleb was learning about cause and effect.

I was crawling across his bedroom floor trying not to be seen.

Let’s start the story at the beginnig. We have been teaching Caleb to fall asleep in his crib, and that he doesn’t need mommy to hold him in order to go to sleep, or fall back asleep if he wakes up. (Ever since his first cold he was waking every 1.5 – 2 hours and needed mommy to rock him back alssp. I was no thrilled with gettin up 5 times a night!) We have an established bedtime routine that ends with some cuddle time with mommy, then he is put in his crib when he is sleepy to fall asleep there. We’ve had some good nights, and some not so good. And we’ve had some tears – by Caleb and mommy.

Last night was a great night. He fussed a little but was asleep within 10 minutes. At 3am I woke up because I heard a noise over the baby monitor. I also realized he’d been sleeping for almost 6 hours and we hadn’t heard a peep. So I went to check on him and realized he was awake and playing around. So I ducked down so he wouldn’t see me, to listen to see if he’d put himself back to sleep. So here I am crawling around his floor waiting…

Caleb meantime is doing his usual fall asleep techniques – rubbing his face, moving his head side to side, and flinging his arms and legs out. Happily there are no tears at all! He’s getting really quiet and I think he’s almost asleep, so I sneak out. A few minutes later over the baby monitor I hear some strange clicking, and Caleb moving. I wait… and then I hear him whine a little. So I go in his room.

With all his flailing of arms, he figured out how to turn on his Ocean Wonders Aquarium… he was looking half mesmerized, but also half annoyed at the lights on it. When I came in he was banging his little fist at it, trying to hit the button again to turn it off. He knew where to hit, he just couldn’t quite get it! What a smart little guy!

I got some big smiles when I turned it off for him, and then decided he was entitled to some mommy cuddles. Afterall, he’s done good and after crawling around on his floor I needed my Caleb cuddles too!

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