Calzone Versus Eeyore…

This post is dedicated to Auntie Amanda and Brett who brought Eeyore all the way from Disneyland just for Caleb, and for Uncle Ryan who loves his wrestling and gave Caleb the nickname Calzone.

We took the traditional monthly Caleb and Eeyore photos, and this is what happened at the photo shoot this month. Caleb and Eeyore decided to ham it up a bit. Little did Eeyore know he was going to get the stuffing beaten out of him. Poor Eeyore took it like a donkey and was his usual passive self. It took a few days but he is fully recovered now, and has been gracious enough to agree to pose with Caleb in future pictures on the condition that his tail doesn’t get lost!

May we present the WWEC – The World Wrestling Eeyore Calzone Series:

“Mommy, this photo shoot is boring! Let’s ham it up a little Eeyore!”

“I’m gonna tackle Eeyore!”

“I’m gonna eat you up!”

“You’re going down donkey!”

“You’re mine Donkey!”

“Mawahahaha! I got him mama!”

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