Monthly letter: Month Three

Dear Caleb,

You are now three months old… three whole months! Already! According to Dr. Harvey Karp, your fourth trimester is over, and you are now a baby ready for the outside world. (This would explain why you hate to be swaddled now!)

This month has been full of firsts for you, and full of firsts for mommy and daddy. We took you in a pool for the first time. You played in a kiddie pool in grandma’s backyard with daddy. At first you didn’t like it because it was too cold. But then you cried when we took you out.

Then we went swimming at the big pool…. and you loved it. You are a fish, just like your daddy. You cried when I took you out of that pool too.

Unfortunately we found out you may have inherited daddy’s allergies and grandpa’s exzema. You had your very first doctor’s appointment – just a check-up, and then we had to go back a week later, because you had a horrible rash. It turns out you have something called atopic dermatits – meaning you have a highly sensitive system, and are prone to break out in this aweful itchy dry red rash. So everyday we cover you in moisturing cream. This also means we have to stay out of the swimming pools for a while.

Another medical first we’ve had to endure is your first fever. You got this after your first immunizations. However you were in good spirits, and when I put a washcloth on your head to cool you down, you loved it. From that day on you stopped protesting having your face wiped, and now I think you enjoy it. You are such a funny little guy!

This month, you also slept for an entire 8 hours one night. You had a week of sleeping through the night, and for that week I actually felt like I was getting some good sleep. However, recently you have been going through a growth spurt, and are up a lot at night wanting to eat again. The good news is, sometimes you can fall asleep on your own in your bassinet. The bad news is, if we miss your sleepy signals, and you get overtired – you get very grouchy. You have decided that you like to fall asleep with your face mooshed into something – mommy’s arm, the side of your bassinet, our bed… it’s very cute, but I think it scares your grandma!

You also had your first hair trim. It was too long around the ears, so I gave you a little trim!

We have been getting out and enjoying the summer. We’ve taken you for many BBQ’s and backyard parties. You still love watching all those trees. And you survived your first first ever York family reunion. (Don’t worry – I protected your cheeks). You now enjoy going for walks in your stroller. Every friday, you and I go for a walk with the other mommies and babies from our prenatal classes. You have lots of little girlfriends.

Your other favorite friends are your hands. You have discovered your two hands and how much fun it is to chew on them. You also discovered you can pick things up and put them into your mouth with your hands. You are constantly drooling over things… or just drooling in general. And you think it’s funny to make spit bubbles.

But you also love to use those hands to give cuddles to your stuffed animals – your current favorite is mousey.

And you still love your fleur and your cow! And of course, you love to watch yourself in the mirror.

You also love to talk these days. Whenever daddy calls us from work, you have to say hi too, and try to press the phone into yourhead. (You also try to eat it!) You are constantly “goo”ing, and “coo”ing. THe iother day you even said “Goo-da”… so either you were thinking of daddy, or you wanted some cheese. You love to sing along when mommy soings to you. And you love talking with your daddy!

Your latest and greatest accomplishment has been your new found talent in rolling over. You have now down this five times, and each time you do it, you have a look of half terror and half pride on your face. You start by rocking side to side on your tummy, then you lean a little and over you go. I know it won’t be long until you are rolling across the living floor, and grabbing at everything those adorable little hands can hold.

You are now 13 pounds, 9 ounces and 24 inches long – that’s a whole two feet!! And daddy and I love every little inch of you – laughing or crying!

xo xo xo

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